Getting Acquainted

I did not participate into the tagging bandwagon of 2020 but now that it’s over, I kind of missed reading about it. I missed seeing people’s answers.

I saw a questionnaire today, I thought I’d answer it. Hope you would too.

What are the top three movies that you like to re-watch?

I enjoy watching movies so I have practically re-watched everything I want. I will just tell you my most watched movies:

  1. The Matrix
  2. Bring It On Again
  3. The Harry Potter movies

If you could eat one dish for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Pork Sinigang

If you can speak to any person in the world (living or deceased), who would he/she be?

Living – Sophia Bush, Jennifer Aniston, Adam Sandler

Deceased – My dead grandmother

If you could choose one movie director to “direct” your life, who would that director be?

James Lafferty. I liked what he did in Everyone’s Doing Great.

Are you a cat or dog person?

I like dogs better but I am a fish person, actually.

What makes you happy?

Not draining my monthly budget. Finding an extra Spam when you thought you’re totally out of stock. Someone ordering from FoodPanda for me.

What do you wish more people understood?

  1. That jokes out of other’s expense aren’t cool
  2. That TikTok should not be equivalent to soft porn
  3. That social distancing is still required

Name your #1 pet peeve?

I really don’t like it when men gets super vain. Naalala ko tuloy yung Fashion Pulis article about Dominique Roque, people would call him out for being more pa-arte arte pa sa photos nila ni Bea Alonzo.

What’s your favourite movie to quote?

“I’m just one stomach flu away from my goal weight.” – The Devil Wears Prada

If you had a superpower what would it be?

I would love to have Bradley Cooper’s skills in Limitless but not powered by any substance, just me being super!

The Chocolate Box

I have just discovered Rory’s site & apparently, he started a new challenge for 2021. It’s called “The Chocolate Box” a list of 18 Questions. This shall be once every 6 weeks of Spicy, Sugary Sweet and Sour Game

Game 1 – Season 1   January 2021

  1. Who was your favorite cartoon character when you were a growing up?  

Tom and Jerry

2. Have you ever had a crush on someone as an adult?  

Yes. I am an adult now and I have a crush on this Filipino actor whose name is JM De Guzman

grabbed from Filipino Times

3. Night or Day Time which is best for you and why? 

Day time. I get to do more things during the day. At night, I’d like it relaxed and quiet

4. Have you ever had sex in deep snow as opposed to a light frosting?  

Never had an opportunity, but I also think I’d never place myself in such a scenario

5. What are three of your weirdest quirks? 

I bring my own cutlery on parties, I do not like mixing different kinds of food in one plate, I had to take a photo of my AC before living the house

6. Can you sum up your personal life for the year 2020 using only 7 words? 

I was extremely annoyed and heavily confused.

7. What’s the most embarrassing position you have ever been stuck in?   

An ex and I were had this friend MAE whose sister came by to hang. My ex casually told me that he finds the sister prettier than MAE, our friend. It’s okay however, he said it in a crushing manner. I was already feeling jealous, so my reply was “she’s not even pretty, MAE is way gorgeous than her.” NOT REALIZING THAT THE SISTER WAS RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME.

8. Some words simply roll off your tongue as if they were honey, what are three of your favorite words? 

Oh my gosh. Shocks and Love.

9. What sweety things do you like to consume for pleasure?  

Rocky Road Ice Cream, Ube Ice Cream and Pinipig Crunch

10. Do you currently have a favorite song and if so what is it? 

11. PJ’s, Tee shirt and shorts, Naked or Other – What is your preference? 

Long shirts and short shorts

12. What is your most favored breakfast dish? 

Steak and eggs with bottomless black coffee

13. Which color is best worn to display your passion with life?


14. If you had to be soaked in a liquid that wasn’t water, what would you choose and why?  

Perhaps, milk?

15. Underwear or Commando? 

Always with underwear

16. Which bed size do you prefer for whatever

California King

17. How quick are you to react to no warning, last minute moments?  

I react quickly and badly

18. You have just woken up …. the first thing you do is?  

Check the time