Thirteen Reasons Why: Bakit Single Ka Pa Rin? (Reason #4)

Two years ago, I was thinking of reaching out to Fashion Pulis (he’s like Perez Hilton of the Philippines) and give him a juicy blind item. You see, my boyfriend of two years dumped me for a celebrity. I hated them so much. My ex had shocked me with a revelation that we are broken up through a Facebook post shaming me in front of our so-called friends. I had no idea that we were even in trouble, worse, broken up. It was the shocker of a lifetime.

The girl is a cougar. She’s a friend of a friend. I used to see her in clubs with friends being all chummy chummy and generous. Trying to buy her way into our circle perhaps? We’re sold. She was not just generous, she was sweet to me as well. We became friends eventually. Or so I thought.

One time, my ex and I wanted to celebrate somewhere fancy for our second year anniversary, it was September. My then boyfriend knew that I won’t allow him to spend a fortune on a staycation in a fancy hotel so we’ve asked our friends for possible alternatives – our celebrity friend incidentally had vouchers. She’s given us vouchers to stay in one of the Philippines best hotels for a long weekend – full board with spa and all. It was generous and I told her we couldn’t accept it. She said, “the hotel gave these vouchers and they knew it’s transferable, they expected that I’d give it away!” She was pushy so we took it. I was so thankful because she was full of care. I thought she really liked me.

October, my ex had a work trip and went to an aviary with work “friends” – he’s taken so many pictures of birds and butterflies but I didn’t see any “friends” – according to him, he’s not interested in human photos. The aviary should suffice.

Photo by Zoosnow

Incidentally, the celebrity posted on her verified account some photos very similar to what my ex had posted.

“That could not be. He wouldn’t lie to me about it,” I told myself.

November, they were going out as friends, with our group. Unfortunately, my duty @ work would always coincide with their trips. I wonder if it was coincidental or deliberate.

“It could not be. Because why?”

The celebrity is pretty. But she’s way older. I mean, I am young, with all the potentials on all levels. I am not a bad girlfriend and we never had any troubles – none that I know of, at least.

“It could not be that he’s cheating on me with her? Has he gone mental?”

Latter part of November. He told me that he wants to cool it off, not even straightforwardly placed. Cool off, like temporary?! Of course it was not.

A day later, he went on a trip with her. Friggin slutty cougar. Yes I know. I am a stalker.

What could he want from her? Money? He is rich and lives in an exclusive subdivision where the old money people live. But he is definitely a famewhore. A week later, our friends became her exclusive friends and they’re now a celebrity gang. A circle of socialites, while betraying me and choosing to leave me behind.

My ex. I get it. Perhaps he is more sexually compatible with her. That’s all I can think of. Because why else? We were super cool together. We do not even fight. Is it because I refused to do anal?!! Is she all about that because if so, WTF!

These are the thoughts coming into my mind because I couldn’t think of anything else.

Unfortunately, I lost some of my friends in the process. They’d message me separately, would want to hang separately, but they’ve hidden the fact that he has been cheating on me. So they too are X to me.

Is it for being tagged by a celebrity in IG? Is it your photos being liked by a verified fucking account?

Photo by Cristian Dina


To add insult to the injury. They’ve told everyone I was bitter and totally shunned me away.  

The couple even told some friends that I hooked up with another guy first and now I am making a serious fuss about their getting together.

The hell is that lie about?!

What triggered this post? My ex who is still very much with that person drunk dialing me last night asking if he could come by my house. Stupid fucktard.

TMI Tuesday #1

It’s my first TMI entry for 2021, wishing myself confidence in answering the below:

1. What was the best part of your holiday season?

It’s having an excuse to be lazy and eat a lot.

2. Did you have the opportunity to get down and dirty over the holidays? Please share.

Oh no, I’ve been such a bore! I am keeping my safe distance from anyone.

3. You receive a gift from a family member that is exactly what you DID NOT want. Do you:
a. Smile politely and bin it at the first opportunity?
b. Say thank you and re-gift it next year?
c. Do some detective work and return it at the first opportunity?
d. Try and tactfully suggest something more appropriate for next time?

None of the above. I usually find ways to like the gifts I receive.

4. Sex toys as gifts yea or nay? Was there a time when you unexpectedly opened something R-rated in front of your family? Tell us about it.

No, my family gifts are wholesome so it’s perfectly safe to open anything coming from within our circle. My friends are a different story although we did not meet this holiday season due to the pandemic. We do gift each other toys every once in a while especially for whoever is single. Works for me because I am typically shy to buy for myself. I don’t know. People won’t know or care whether it’s mine or someone else’s but there’s certain level of shame whenever I feel like ordering for personal use. But I wouldn’t mind receiving and gifting.

Photo by Dainis Graveris on

5. What is the best present your significant other has given you?

I am lucky because whenever I am in a relationship, they tend to be generous but the best one was when the guy I was dating introduced me to Derek Ramsay. Hahaha. He knew my type.

Bonus:  Share your New Year’s resolution(s) or reasons why you do not make them.

Resolution: Do more.


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Happy TMI Tuesday!