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I do not really have a long distance relationship. I dated one guy who got stuck somewhere during the pandemic and we haven’t seen each other for some months now. I would not call it a relationship though but for the sake of answering this, fine, LDR it is!

1. What do you remember most about the night/day you first met??

It was an eyeball. I decided to see him finally. Was it corny? We have been chatting for a month and we decided to meet. He worked in Quezon City while I work in Manila.

2. What about your relationship that makes you really happy?

I was excited whenever we chatted and when we finally met, it was well, more exciting.

3. What’s your biggest fear for this relationship? 

Nothing. I was not expecting anything from this relationship since inception. It was not even a relationship.

4. Do you believe there’s one person you’re “meant” to be with?


5. What’s one similarity between the two of you that you absolutely love? 

We both do not sweat the small stuff.

6. What’s your favorite memory of him? 

The first time I saw him. We deliberately did not reveal how we looked prior meeting up. I was not disappointed. I don’t know about him. Haha. Kapal naman nya if he says na disappointed sya.

7. If something happened where one had to move very far away, would you attempt long-distance? Or go separate ways?

I don’t think so. It’s not something I want to venture. We’re okay now. We are not exclusive. I have not had any other partners apart from him because of COVID, but we’re not limiting our lives. As for him, theirs is not highly quarantined and locked down, we do not talk about his hook ups or the lack thereof.

8. Where is your favorite place to be with him?

Jeez, this makes me sound like a girlfriend. We loved watching movies and stay at his place.

9. What about love scares you? 

Love does not scare me. It’s something elusive. You feel it when you feel it.

10. What’s one thing you want to do together that you’ve never done before?

We wanted to go to Boracay again, just the 2 of us. We went with friends and he felt it would have been more fun if we tried traveling just the two of us.

I got this Q&A from Carla.

TMI Tuesday: December 8, 2020

This week at TMI Tuesday let’s talk sexual feelings.

1. Are women natural seducers or are men?

Both are natural seducers. It is the human nature to be sexual.

2. Which of the following statements most closely matches your sexual attitude?

a. Sex is best when you focus on your own pleasure.
b. Sex is best when I can totally meld with my partner and feel as one.
c. Sex is best when the purpose is that of conceiving a child.
d. Sex is just a behavior; don’t put too much importance on the act, just do it the way you like and need.

3. Do you need to feel emotionally connected to enjoy sex with another person?

Not really. SEX can be enjoyed without emotional connection. It is of pure physical nature. Making love is totally a different story though.

4. Are you allowed to be sexual? Explain.

YES. I don’t see why not. I am a grown woman and I’ve had my shares of good and bad sex, but at this point, it’s up to me to make it as enjoyable as it can be. I won’t accept bad sex anymore.

5. Agree or Disagree. Sex without love is meaningless.

SEX itself doesn’t have to have meaning.

Bonus: Conventional wisdom (but not research) says that women value monogamy more than men. Is this true for you?

No. I believe men and women equally value certain things. I mean, some women are polygamous but they’re discreet about it. And what is monogamy anyway? How would you define it? Is all physical?

TMI Tuesday #100

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Are movie star sex symbols a thing of the past?

Not really. Movie stars are still sex symbols. As long as there’s sex and it’s a thing, there’s always a need for a symbol and Hollywood just makes it so accessible.

Who was your favorite sex symbol while you were growing up?

Skeet Ulrich is an ultimate sex symbol during my teen years — early 90s. I mean have you seen him in Scream? Sexy.

Of present-day stars, who do you consider to be a legitimate sex symbol? Why?

What is a sex symbol? For women, perhaps Scarlet Johansson and The Kardashians? For men, Ian Somerhalder perhaps? Hahaha. Well that’s a personal choice. And since I am Filipino, I have to insert that JM De Guzman is such a hottie, he can fit the category.

Do you have what it takes to be a sex symbol? Tell us at least three things that make you a sex symbol (or not).

What are the criteria to begin with? I don’t think I can be a sex symbol. I am confident of my desirability but I don’t think I am sexual enough to be called one.

The following can be celebrities or people in your life.

Name someone who was sexy younger and is still sexy today? (à la Helen Mirren)

Kate Walsh

Name someone who was a bit goofy when younger but has gotten sexy with age? (à la Jeff Goldblum)

Ryan Reynolds. He was definitely goofy but now, he’s become a hottie.

Name someone who was sexy when younger but has lost that sex appeal?

Tom Cruise. Not sexy anymore. Even Katie Holmes agrees.

Bonus: Name a sex symbol, living or dead, whose bedroom skills you would not mind testing out?

Again, I don’t know who qualifies to be called sex symbol but if I am to test someone’s bedroom skills, I’d go for the people closer to me: JM De Guzman, JC De Vera and Jericho Rosales… but if I am to go farther like Hollywood far, I’d take Skeet Ulrich, Chad Michael Murray and Channing Tatum for a spin.

November 24 – TMI Tuesday

1. Which part of your body do you think is the most sexy? Post a pic if you dare.

My lips, I guess. I cannot post a photo because that’s my most identifiable body part.

2. Which part of your partner’s body do you find the most sexy. Tell us about the time you first saw it.

His hands. They are so smooth and soft. I was so stunned to see and hold it. I felt a little shy because his is much prettier than mine.

3. Are you a fan of lingerie on yourself? Or on someone else?

I love wearing lingerie especially on special occasions or first nights.

4. “Fifty Shades of Grey”–  Work of genius or complete twaddle?

As a movie, it is ok for me but I am not into that kind of kink. I don’t know how I’d take being bound to surrender.

5. Would you rather listen to a sexy voice telling you what is happening or watch a sex scene on mute?

Listen definitely. I cannot imagine anything sexual without the sound accompanying the sight… so if I am to choose, listening wins!

Bonus: Tell us about a time you experimented with a fantasy and it did not go according to plan.

I remember when I first used a dildo and I have no reference but Not Another Teen Movie. I thought it will be pleasurable. It was not! Later attempts were a lot better and I finally achieved the actual purpose.


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