Thirteen Reasons Why: Bakit Single Ka Pa Rin? (Reason #11)

I guess I cannot write anything when I am busy being happy. Tama nga, kaya hugot kasi talagang may pinaghuhugutan ang mga drama sa posts. Remember the photographer guy whom I was housesharing with? We tried being in one house for some time but it’s hard because we started developing feelings for each other. It started when he no longer shoots in our house. Unti-unti nang nagdisappear yung model visits. Madalas na kaming naghahangout na kami lang. Iba pala pag ganun ano? Parang typically, you will think it’s going to be easier and more fun since you’re somehow dating and you’re living in one roof, but it’s kind of crazy because it’s just too fast. The pacing wasn’t normal. We talked and decided that he has to move out since Covid is no longer a burden, things are easier to process, it’s easier to move and all that shit. Mas madali syang kumilos and find a new house in the center of everything.

We began dating like how your typical boring not-so-young professionals do… If we’re not hanging in my house, we’re at his, or kain, nood sine, paulit ulit. We went to Boracay in June and thank God, we’re able to do something other than our typical routine but then it was only for four days. Minsan sinasama nya ako sa photoshoots out of Manila pero I cannot tag along all the time because I also have work.

How long does dating take? I forgot how it goes given how abnormal my dating history had been. I think I am not used to normal. I became used to risqué types that the ideal seemed not to be so exciting.

SEX is still good.

I am definitely still attracted to my guy and I am not completely unfortunate looking either (quoting Reese Witherspoon when describing Selma Blair’s character in Legally Blonde) JK! What I mean is, hindi man ako model hot pero hindi naman ako siguro pagsasawaan agad. I believe we can still sustain the attraction but if this boredom continuous, then I definitely know why I am still single hanggang ngayon.

I am hoping and praying that this plateau is just a phase and that something comes up that will make me feel like how everyone does when someone sweeps them off their feet (or at least when someone does you right). Does this typically happen? I don’t know how my guy feels. He seems to enjoy how life’s going (or does he?)

I am avoiding to have the talk because it may go sideways and I am not sure how I’d feel about that.

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