Of Name Calling & One’s Death

The showcasing of the hotel CCTV aggravated the already existent bashing of Christine Dacera, the young woman who was found dead by her gay friends in one of the hotels / quarantine facilities in Manila last January 1, 2021. They partied for the NYE celebration, had too many drinks and there’s the suspicion of having party drugs on the scene although no drugs were found in Dacera’s system. While the PNP made a statement about the case being almost closed— initially declaring that there’s rape and assault resulting to Dacera’s death, the Office of the Medico-Legal said that she died of aneurysm and that there was no rape, no penetration, no semen, and no drugs found in her system.

Her friends were immediately tagged to be suspects. Some were detained. Rewards for those who were in hiding came in – 100,000 pesos, then there’s that Manny Pacquiao bounty worth 500,000 pesos.

News came about that her friends were gay – the ones who were arrested for rape / slay. The CCTV showed how will she was behaving that night kissing her friend and according to the group, she was being naughty and they’re trying to keep her company, keep her steady at least despite all of them being drunk and tired.

That’s what friends do.

She was called malandi, pokpok, pakawala, walwal, lasengga, adik – all the names you can brand someone who drinks and gets wasted.

But the question is si Christine lang ba ang ganun pag nalalasing? (Is she the only one who acts like that when drunk?)

I myself have had one drink too many on several occasions and I am always surrounded by men, not even beki (gay) friends, male (straight) friends.

  • There was this instance when I gave a down payment for an apartment I am to share with a couple of guys somewhere in Quezon City, I’ve only met them that night because the guy was my friend’s blind date and we all ended up in his pad. How did I get the money to pay the rent? Perhaps I’ve withdrawn from an ATM in the middle of the night because I do not carry a lot of cash around.
  • The other one was rolling down the steep mountains of the South. Apparently, quatro kantos (gin) is strong enough to disable my whole system, thankfully, there was a flat surface that stopped the continuous sliding.
  • Another was when I supposedly removed my pants because it got wet. I thought I was asleep at my home. I woke up wearing a guy’s shorts because he had to clothe me somehow.
  • Met a lifelong friend in a place called Alchemy. I went to the ladies room alone and threw up badly and there was that sexy girl in micro mini shorts and black tanktop whose hands held my long hair so it won’t get all soiled up. She sat with us all night. She’s now my bestfriend – 10 years forward.

So in all those stuff, I may be deemed makulit (naughty) due to intoxication but those weren’t sexual experiences. Not everyone who is with an all-male company necessarily is malandi (flirt) and can get raped. Some were just having fun.

Christine’s situation is unfortunate and I am not to comment on an existing case but name calling, really?

A lot of people act differently at home and with friends. Not necessarily living a double life, just living the life!

I mean in my class, some of us who were known party girls got into the Dean’s list and the nice girls ended up being pregnant. I mean there’s no shame in that because every kid is a blessing but yeah, people act differently at home and with friends.

Do not judge because people are people.

Featured image from: reportr.world

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