The Chocolate Box

I have just discovered Rory’s site & apparently, he started a new challenge for 2021. It’s called “The Chocolate Box” a list of 18 Questions. This shall be once every 6 weeks of Spicy, Sugary Sweet and Sour Game Game 1 – Season 1   January 2021 Who was your favorite cartoon character when you were a … Continue reading The Chocolate Box

TMI Tuesday

1. First question relates to the photo above–what is it? Is it a salmon fillet? 2. Should we be signaling our existence to alien life? Why? No because we’ve got too much on our plate already. I don’t think we can take more Area 51 kind of shit. 3. What is one thing you do … Continue reading TMI Tuesday

TMI Tuesday #1

It’s my first TMI entry for 2021, wishing myself confidence in answering the below: 1. What was the best part of your holiday season? It’s having an excuse to be lazy and eat a lot. 2. Did you have the opportunity to get down and dirty over the holidays? Please share. Oh no, I’ve been … Continue reading TMI Tuesday #1